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    About 3 Helix

    Created to offer integrated and tailored business development & corporate finance support in order
    to accelerate your start-up business, when needed, 3Helix also involves and coördinates the work of
    trustworthy experts with proven track record and specialization in different domains of expertise such as:

    intellectual property (eg. patent filing, FTO analysis), product engineering (eg. prototyping, design), regulatory strategy (eg. CE Label, ISO certification), accounting (eg. fiscal incentives, valuation) specialized legal counsel (eg. product disclaimers, licenses or Service Level Agreements).

    As such, 3Helix offers an integrated, "one-stop-shop" service, allowing you to focus on your core

    3Helix has access to a valuable & qualitative international network allowing you to benefit from
    personal contacts with 'captains of industry', leading academics, business angels, venture capitalists and
    technology transfer communities
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    About the Founder

    Hannes De Wachter is an ATTP.info Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP), passionate about science based innovations and entrepreneurship. Hannes leads a Leuven based, independent Business Development & Corporate Finance boutique, 3helix.be, specialized in Technology Transfer and launching high-tech spin-offs.

    Hannes helped raise over 20 Mio € in venture capital and competitive R&D grant funding for several high-tech spin-off projects (in various ICT and Biotech sub-domains) such as: Qaelum, imCyse, Aqua4C, Bakala Academy, Mindspeller, Pyxicare, Black Swanl Lux, InsPyro and many more.

    Following 4 years blue chip (M&A) consultancy, Hannes gained direct investment management experience working over 7 years for leading private equity and venture capital firms in the Benelux.

    Before launching his own, independent spin-off consultancy firm early 2013, Hannes was trained in technology transfer best practices by KU Leuven R&D, one of Europe's premier TTO's with a spin-off portfolio of over 110 companies (>4000 employees) and multiple "blockbuster" license deals.

    Today, through his company 3Helix.be, Hannes helps ambitious, Benelux based researchers with the market validation and commercialization of their high-tech innovations. Hannes is currently also involved in setting up new, dedicated early-stage "technology gap" funding vehicles to help improve the innovation ecosystem for academic researchers in the Benelux.

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    About our 'Triple Helix' Philosophy

    Successfully launching a technology spin-off company requires an intense and constructive
    collaboration amongst the different stakeholders and partners involved.

    Often these stakeholders can be distinguished between representatives from (i) research institutes,
    (ii) local governments and/or public funding institutions and (iii) private investors / industry.

    Triple Helix refers to a model where these three different types of parties successfully
    collaborate in supporting spin-offs. 3Helix has extensive experience in aligning
    the interests of the different parties involved before and after the high tech start-up is
    launched and executes its assignments with a level of dedication & drive that can be
    expected from a privately engaged, independent professional.

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