Launch Your Spin-Off

Crossing the Chasm is easier said than done. Get some experienced, "hands-with" management support in bridging the technology funding gap
(a.k.a. 'valley of death') and getting your first business deals closed.

3Helix works closely together with Europe's leading technology transfer offices in order to help get your spin-off launched.

Secure Venture Capital

Learn how to optimize your chances of securing venture capital from professionals who know the landscape, have the right contact network and
can demonstrate a proven track record.

Get professional support when interfacing with candidate investors, funding agents, attorneys & technology transfer offices.

Build Stakeholder Value

Many successful start-ups struggle with the implementation of a resilient organisational structure in line with their high growth pace and
unpredictable cash flows. 3Helix helps accelerate your technology start-up business in reaching value-infliction points and building stakeholder